Why Do YOU Ride?

December 23, 2019
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Hey Buddy!

You might agree that every single person on this Planet should have a passion.

Our passion is ridding motorcycles, riding offroad, riding enduro. Our passion is traveling, discovering beautiful views and amazing spots in nature. Yes, we do like live fast somehow, but still, we find time to just stop and admire this place we’ve got, the places we find. We find time to rescue a horse trapped in a barbed wire, helping to extinguish the fire in the woods when Fire Trucks couldn’t reach the affected areas in the top of the mountains, or find the herd of horses hidden in the hills and get them back home. We find time to stop and breath fresh air looking at the horizon, focus on the trees and the wild life.

We’re not so wild as some might think.
We’re just people with a passion.
As some like playing video games, others likes fashion trends, some enjoy smoking cigarettes, as some like to train dogs, others likes to hunt, we just like to ride.
It’s in us. It’s there since day One. It’s an addiction. Our life is about riding dirtbikes.
We ride for freedom, for adrenaline…
we’re building friendships and brotherhoods…
it’s a great stress buster and improve mental health, physical health…
it’s fun!


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