May 12, 2020
Valea Vaserului
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Maramures is one of the most important areas of Romania, being consider as one of the most traditional regions of the country. It is a symbol of the archaic village, a special world guided by values and habits, that offers you the feeling that time do can stand still. Thanks to the fact that the tradition was kept, we are now able to see people wearing traditional clothes, like at haying, at mowing and even at the important religious holidays, when the fol outfit becomes mandatory locals.

Besides those traditions, there are a few places worth visiting due to the fairy-tale landscape that often leaves you speechless. So we have prepared the following sights: 

Cascada Cailor  is the largest in Romania, and its name is linked to a legend, according to which herds of horses were taken to pasture when a bear attacked them and they fell into the precipice. It is said that this waterfall was formed by the tears of the locals who mourned their lost animals.

Varful Pietrosul Rodnei is one of the precious jewels of Maramures, being one of the most desired attractions for tourists who love nature, and the view from the top is an incredible one.

 Cimitirul Vesel is very famous for the brightly colored crosses and paintings that represent moments in the life of the deceased. Its founder was inspired by a tradition specific to the Dacian People by which they had a cheerful attitude for death .

 Lacul Albastru which is said to be unique in Europe because of the way it was born, but also for certain characteristics that it has namely the change of color depending on the position of the sun, the temperature of the water but also the season.

 Manastirea Barsana  build as a from of atribute to God, who protected the people during the plague.

Memorialul Victimelor Comunismului și al Rezistenței is one of the places worth visiting because it has been transformed into a memorial of pain, being recognized as ” a project dedicated by civil society to the reconstruction and analysis of the communist past, unique in Eastern European countries.”

Creasta Cocoșului  is the last relic of a volcanic crater. By his form, he was given his name. Tourists are very excited about this place due to the fact that they can do certain hiking, mountaineering, paragliding but also the observation of certain species of birds.

Muzeul de Mineralogie  is considered to be the largest regional museum in Europe, thanks to exhibits with unique world models and even heritage values.

Muzeul Satului Maramureșan  restores peasant architecture. Through its structure, it creates the impression of a typical Maramuresan village.

Valea Vaserului is a picturesque region of Romania. This is where the last steam train in the country is found, and tourists are very excited by the stunning scenery of the area, as they cross clear waters and green forests.

In addition, Maramures is also known for its specific preparations. Tourists are especially delighted by gulas, cold platters and cheese coles.


Article by Daniela Hulub




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