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Who we are

When Extreme is Your Life

We say that Trail Trips is the unique name of two soul mates. We are Alex & Gio and we have created this Travel Agency because we live this kind of life. Loving to travel and loving to see happy travelers. We have met by traveling, we have both studied tourism and nature, we love Romania so it’s what we definitely love to do.

Actually, we started with Alex extremely imprinted passion for riding enduro yet his love for forests and mountains and Gio’s passion to have happy travelers in Romania so we have tried to develop this because our country has so much to offer and we want to show you as much as we can. We believe in durable tourism so we try to get it on this way most of the time this is why we keep close to the rural areas.

Did you know we have the Black Sea, Danube River which is the best-preserved delta river in Europe, special natural Lakes, Mountains, Hills, and Plains?

What we do?

Trail Trips offers a wide variety of VACATIONS developed for every different taste and mind eager to discover ROMANIA. We want you to ride the best trails and slopes, enjoy the sun and the healthiest sea breeze all over the World, take fresh air shots in Carpathians Mountains and even more, enjoy our culture, the tasty food we have and, of course, draw a memorable leisure time.

All you have to do is to choose your type of trip!

Who we are

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Alex Tara
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