Enduro by Alex Tara

Romania is the largest country in southeastern Europe, located to the north of the Balkan Peninsula and on the western shore of the Black Sea. Our country borders Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria.

Romania is quite a unique place where the natural world has an amazing way to introduce itself. You will find mountains, hills and plains distributed in almost equal proportions. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the center of the country, reaching above 2,000 m (6,600 ft), with the highest point at Moldoveanu Peak, in the Fagaras Mountains.

We are here, in the heart of Romania, enjoying these gorgeous mountains which oversee one of the most visited areas: Sibiu City and its surroundings. Sibiu, an area where history is still alive, is one of the most important Cultural Centers in Europe. Much of the medieval fortress  has been very well preserved. The old center started the process of becoming a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. In 2007, Sibiu was designated European Capital Culture, together with Luxembourg. Sibiu was also ranked by Forbes Magazine as Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live.

As you probably know, Red Bull Romaniacs is the toughest hard enduro rally on Earth. Sibiu is its birthplace. Now, any new edition takes place here and brings together enduro enthusiasts. We guess this makes Sibiu the starting point of the best enduro trails you could ever try.

We live here and we’ve prepared the most idyllic, unique and challenging vacation for you!


Alex Tara is your main enduro guide, one of the most ambitious you’ll ever meet. He will introduce you to the splendor of the forests and the noble mountains. You will discover the Red Bull Romaniacs enduro trails and the rustic life of Romanian people as it is: warm, hospitable, enjoyable and beautiful. Let’s ride together!


The second in command, Ricky, is our youngest team member but we bet you know good things come in small packages. Of course, he’s stepping in Alex’s footprints.

Tours include motorcycles, service van, mechanic if needed and, of course, the best tour guides in the area.

During our enduro tours, riders can see the most beautiful areas around Sibiu City, especially the area named Mărginimea Sibiului which is well-known for its beauty, flora, fauna and the best trails around here. Our tours guarantee sightseeing from mountain peaks, tips and tricks for enduro riding on the mountains and in the woods.

This kind of enduro tours departs from Sibiu City or Rasinari Village, depending on your choice of accommodation.


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