Hard Enduro Masterclass with Alex TARA

July 31, 2023
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It ain’t easy posting in english, but (OMG) here we are

So.. let me tell you this story of


At 19 years old, Alex yearned to “fly like a bird in the sky,” wanting to feel like he had wings, on two wheels. One day, when he accomplished that, the evening found him lying in a hospital bed. Both hands were broken, and one leg was torn apart with the muscles shredded.
The doctors didn’t know what to address first.
When he woke up from anesthesia, an elderly nurse asked him, “Well, young man, is it really like this? Did you break everything?” And he, full of morphine, barely breathing, replied, “Well, isn’t it better this way than coming back multiple times?”
Shortly after the surgery, the doctors noticed that his little finger on the left hand was bruised. Being under the influence of morphine, he hadn’t even noticed his finger falling off. When they asked him if he wanted to try to save it with the risk of developing further issues and potentially losing his hand, or to give it up immediately, Alex decided without hesitation… to let go of the finger.
Upon leaving the hospital, he was recommended rehabilitation to have a chance to walk again. There, he was told that he might never walk again. With a stunned gaze, he packed his things, trembling, called a sturdy friend, and told him that he didn’t belong there and that he wanted him to pick him up and take him to the mountains. So, with a reliable and open-minded partner, Alex managed to walk again in just a few weeks. He still limps a little.

Despite all that happened, he still dreamt of having his own motorcycle one day and participating in RedBull roManiacs – the hardest hard enduro rally in the world!

It is the dream of all dirtbikes riders. It was his dream too!

His story, a living proof of resilience, made me believe wholeheartedly in the passion that lay within him.
In 2014, we sketched out Trail Trips Romania together. I knew what motorcycling meant to him, and I knew I could support him.
In 2016, we had the courage to enter the market, and in 2018, we officially founded TTR with our first child in our arms!
In 2019, we invested all the money we could borrow into marketing, and in 2020, due to lockdown and COVID-19, we accumulated debts as high as a house, with no income for 365 days. Don’t even mention ROI!
In 2020, he participated in Romania’s National Hard Enduro Championship in the Pro class, alongside big names like Alfredo Gomez and Teodor Kabatchiev, finishing in 6th place at the end of it.
With the help of all those who believed in him… in that same year, he fulfilled his dream:
He participated in RedBull Romaniacs!
The competition lacked the prologue that delighted so many souls, and the finish was different from what everyone knew year after year, as this time they climbed onto the roof of a building in Sibiu. A great finish, specially designed to avoid crowding of spectators.
We were expecting our second child, and I was overwhelmed by the fact that we couldn’t be there to embrace him when he finished the race, intact, in 7th place in the Silver class!
For the first time in a national competition and the first time in an international competition in the same year, at the age of 33, he achieved a remarkable success!
Beyond the competition, he realized how great what he was doing is, and once they “released the leash,” we resumed the activity dedicated to adrenaline-loving tourists!

Now, no one has any doubts. Alex knows what Red Bull Romaniacs means, and he is qualified to train you to be one of the best riders in the competition!

What does this mean?

After training in 2022 with Alfredo Gomez and his sister Sandra, after working with the Romanian Motorcycle Federation in 2022 and 2023, and managing enduro tracks in Sibiu for Red Bull Romaniacs and other parts of the country for National Hard Enduro Championship of Romania, Alex knows what you need to do to finish the competition happy and whole!

So, if you have ever dreamed of participating in Red Bull Romaniacs, I invite you to sign up for the EnduroMasterclass with Alex Tara!!


What do you get?

● Train with a top 10 participant from the world’s hardest hard enduro rally
● Receive tips & tricks for technical riding
● Discover and understand the terrain
● Have a motorcycle set up for you
● Choose the number of days you need to train, although we recommend 6 days
● Accommodation and breakfast expenses are included in the price
● Fuel and technical support are included in the price
● Transfer from Sibiu airport to accommodation is included in the price
● Experience the local taste of the region, dining under the open sky
● Take home a souvenir from us
● For this training, you will have probably the best hard enduro guide in Sibiu just for yourself
● You can do this regardless of your current level

In the fall, we will adjust the rates!

If you sign up between August 1-6, you will receive a 20% discount on this year’s price.

And that’s not all! If you need technical support during the competition, you can have the Trail Trips Romania team with you throughout RedBull Romaniacs 2024!

Are you in? Registration starts tomorrow, and there are only 10 spots available!

If you’re determined, send me a private message, and I’ll send you the discount voucher that you can use starting tomorrow!

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