Family businesses will prevail

April 24, 2020
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Trail Trips – a family business beliefs

Integrity, compassion, determination and commitment will prevail

I can see the future 😅🛵

I’m writing this article about Trail Trips Romania while sitting in my yard and counting my blessings.

I’m Gio, the voice of this family business built up with soul. Trail Trips is the unique brainchild of two kindred spirits, my husband, Alex and I. We have created this Travel Agency because it’s our kind of life and what we love to do.
We never thought of the future when we started this. We just wanted to make some people happy: those that already knew Alex or I, and they kept insisting we should go out on our own. So, we did.
We started this before we were even living together, and worked to transform it into a brand with our amazing baby in our laps.
Our motivation was helping others in the first place, along with keeping Alex productive and his passion alive. You see, we truly believe, as a nice person once told us, only those businesses driven
by passion will survive and prosper. We had great ideas, but the big brains never gave credit to them, so that was the moment we decided to do it by ourselves. We wanted to build up a family business for our happiness and for helping the Romanian local industry to prosper. So, we buy local produce, we cook traditional food, eat local, have local partners, use local inns, checking in into rural guest houses or hotels. From the very beginning, we wanted to make this happen so we could support other family’s local businesses and to maintain the community wealth. Everyone sustained us, so we felt like we should give something back.
We are unique because 100% of our clients become our friends. To this day, we have 5 years of enduro guidance activity and almost one year of Incoming Travel Agency. We have met more than 100 happy clients. More than 50% returned, and most of them wanted to visit our home and, in turn, invited us to their own. Most of them are keen in helping us with nice ideas for keeping this business with a heart and soul to prosper and be better and better from one year to the next. They know our focus is on themselves!
“Keep it small and keep it happy” is what we have learned from a Nordic group we had last year, and they simply put into words what has always been in our minds.
We truly believe that small family businesses are the future. We’re not saying small as being insignificant, but as being personal, accessible and sensitive to clients’ needs. We believe that partnerships help to keep a small business a successful one, so that’s what we try do to. We try to find as many quality partnerships as possible to help the local economy and, with the support of their experience and knowledge, this allows us to do what we do best and focus on our clients.
We are driven by a passion for family, friends and community and a passion for life. Our passion is based on our core values and principles. This is the very foundation of our family and through integrity, compassion, determination and commitment we will prevail.

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