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October 7, 2019
Rasinari Village by @Flavius Neamciuc
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Hey buddy, nice to meet you!

This is Gio, on the buttons, trying to let you know us better, because we’re not just another business on the tourism market, we are Trail Trips.

We say that Trail Trips is the unique brainchild of two kindred spirits. We have created this Incoming Travel Agencybecause we live this kind of life of travel. We love to see happy travelers. We have met while traveling, we have studied tourism and silviculture, we love Romania – so it’s what we definitely love to do.

Everything started with Alex and his extreme passion for riding enduro. His passion for bikes, forests and mountains and my enthusiasm to show everyone how much he loves his thing and the desire of showing travelers the beauties that we have in Romania has lead to the creation of Trail Trips: because our country has so much to offer and we want to share it. We believe in sustainable tourism, which is why we have chosen to live in rural areas, with green oxygen and unspoiled surroundings. We love our food, that’s why we try to give every tourist the chance of having at least a traditional meal, maybe even a drink and tasting some fresh fruists and vegetables grown naturaly, without chemichals. We have this saying “There’s no thing as unfriendly people, just not enogh <rachiu>” so you should definitely taste a shot of <rachiu> if you are in Romania.

This area we chose to live, is a rich one. It’s situated near the city Sibiu (Hermannstadt) and its name is Marginimea Sibiului;it’s full of history, culture, traditional species of local fruit trees, small museums, ancient settlements and much more. You can find here some great romanian writters houses, graves of those who made an important movement for romanian culture and schooling, not less than thirtyfour species of local apples and seven pears, specific receipes of the tastiest cheese in Romania, sheepfolds, fresh food, traditional houses, old churches. Marginimea Sibiului and the Surroundings marks some great titles:

Sibiu – European Region of Gastronomy 2019

La Pomme d’Or which made Romania the First country ever with 4 of this “Oscars of tourism”, and three of them in the same year.

EDEN Title(European Destinations of Excellence)

From all this area we have chosen Rasinari Village to settle.Thanks to its geographic position at the mountain foothills, Răşinari is a good starting point for many hikes. Regardless of the chosen trail, the landscape is marvellous, paths make their way through hay meadows, among huts and fresh icy cold streams. But this is just one place in this wonderful country.
Rasinari Village by @Flavius Neamciuc
Rasinari Village by @Flavius Neamciuc
Trail Trips Romania by @Flavius Neamciuc
Do you know about the Black Sea Shore, the Danube River – which has the best-preserved delta in Europe, Danube Gorges and Boilers, about the salty natural Lakes, about the expanse of the Mountains, Hills, and Plains in Romania?

Just follow us and “hear” all about them…


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