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February 7, 2020
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Here you are!

If you reached this page, it means something has caught your attention. To see the people’s interest growing in the small niche in which we spend most of our time, it’s a joy!

We are Iulia and Quim, the initiators of the project IncrEdible. Ever since we were little children, we were both very close to this field of “foraging”, even though we didn’t know it by this name. At a distance of several thousand km from each other, each one was brought into contact with the environment by our families. This exposure to a partially different environment has made the gathered knowledge of both to include more varied species and more diverse applicability.

IncrEdible Forest Resources was conceived as a project in which beyond highlighting the resources of the forest, we are also trying to make the connections between different species that exist in the wild, through biology, mycology, observing environmental details and, last but not least, through foraging-focused gastronomy. We consider that by understanding the value of raw materials from spontaneous flora, people will become more aware of the need to take care of the environment. The man who gets to know the way nature works, he can only love and protect it.

The events we do are diverse and are addressed to the public interested in spontaneous flora food: from workshops on identifying mushrooms, plants or fruits of spontaneous flora, to kitchen workshops focusing mainly on foraging, culinary demonstrations in restaurants or even private parties.

The last year has also led us to a different way of delivering to people from the knowledge we have accumulated in this field of activity. We realized that many of the people who participated once at events organized by us are coming back. To be able to offer them different experiences and to reach a different level of knowledge, we have also created foraging courses that include both course support and a package of multiple events designed as a whole. We have thus become promoters in this field, on the educational side.

Even at the global level, but especially in Romania, we face a big lack in all that means activities of awareness of the natural environment. When it comes to plants and fungi from spontaneous flora, then the lack becomes even more pronounced, we are practically the only company in the country that organizes official rounds to raise awareness of the environment and the importance of resources. 

At the same time, this last year also brought an increase in the team members. This gives us the opportunity to expand the range of activities that we can provide in this vast area that Nature represents.

In the end, we want to leave a recommendation for you here:

Find out how nature works, talk about it, spend time with it, go to the woods to find your food, go consciously wild to become an antidote to the urban brutalization that makes us forget who we are and where we come from!

Trail Trips Romania Foraging Vacation with IncrEdible
Trail Trips Romania Foraging Vacation with IncrEdible
Trail Trips Romania Foraging Vacation with IncrEdible

Text by Iulia Demeter, IncrEdible

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