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February 19, 2020
Trail Trips Romania
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Climate change, pollution, over-tourism, food waste, animal protection and local identity and
values are all issues that deeply concern us. Our main mission is to organize responsible tourism
with positive impact over our areas. It would be our pleasure to share the same vision with our

In the last few years people’s travel trends seem to have changed. Nowadays, tourists try to
avoid over-crowded places, they are eager to discover new, interesting, less-known sights.
Many of our guests try to discover the story of their ancestors, their own families who once
migrated from Romania.

Some are curious about our recent history, the impact of Communism, the hard transition, our
present political and economic situation, our place within EU. Some guests dream of a romantic
Transylvania with beautiful landscape, traditions and delicious gastronomy. Regardless the
reasons, we’re happy to help you, give all the necessary information you need and make your
stay pleasant!

We’ve been involved in local and regional tourism for over 13 years. We love working with people, promoting our region, learning new things and making new friends. Transylvania Highlands is famous for its natural reserves, its landscape diversity, the various species of plants, birds, insects, wild animals. It is the perfect place to enjoy some real eco adventures and protect biodiversity. As you visit Transylvania, you’ll see that it’s such a colorful land; but, among all colors Transylvania is green: green forests, green fields, green hills; Sibiu and Transylvania are areas of green tourism.  We like to work with local people – farmers, shepherds, people with great stories from whom we can learn so many nice and interesting things.

We admire people with initiative and values, and we think that only through communication
and collaboration we can create great experiences. Therefore, we chose to support and work
with Trail Trips – local initiatives and quality tourism is our both main scopes.

Trail Trips Romania
Trail Trips Romania
Trail Trips Romania

Text by Adela Dadu, VisitSibiu

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