August 28, 2020
Trail Trips Romania
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The margin of Sibiu is a unique area in Romania, being located to the west of Sibiu, it comprising 18 localities. Due to the area with a geopolitical position, located on the border of Transylvania with the Romanian Country and near Sibiu, a strong craft center, gave the edge of Sibiu some defining characteristics.

The name “marginians” has a much broader meaning, it can be applied to the entire population that is found on the old Austro-Hungarian border of Susul Transylvania, and thus also to those in Hunedoara, Alba and Braşov.

“Defined by the great George Baritius as a true agropastoral area, an area centered on the fortress of Sibiu, Marginimea comprises a number of villages, inhabited from all times by a Romanian population for which the very reason to be represented is the rearing of animals and especially sheep. “

The localities have developed a diversified economy, encompassing livestock farming, agriculture and crafts. However there is a fairly high share of herding. The main occupation of the marginians is the growth of sheep, with the primary processing of derived products.

Of the villages that have really turned into sheep centres, remember: 

Săliște, an old center of the sprituality of the margin. Since 2003, it has become a city. 

Rășinari, old residence, with ancient cultural traditions, long entered into the international tourist routes, located on a tourist circuit Sibiu – Păltiniş.

Poiana Sibiului, village founded late and became, in record time, a true “sheep capital”. This is where the first Sheep Savings Meeting was established in the interwar period. 

Due to these traditions related to sheepheritis, in these areas is found the most special cheese. The margin of Sibiu is the place with the best cheese in Romania, a brand not only local, but national. It’s a naturally-made cheese made from sheep’s milk grazing on unpolluted pastures and drinking mountain spring water.

Over the centuries, the region has managed to retain its local identity thanks to the sheep and the special cheese found here.

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                                                                                                  Daniela Hulub

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