An Authentic Halloween Story

October 31, 2019
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You know for sure that 31st of October marks the Halloween for some people. Well, it has been taken of some contries for different reasons and landed in Romania as well. And it’s almost here! Spooky stories don’t always have something to do with Halloween. Funny fact is americans love to associate Romania with Halloween trough Dracula’s story.

Well, if you love the spooky stories about Romania, this country is not only about Dracula. Yes, Vlad Dracul, named Dracula is a true story brought out of our history; we understand if you’re a fan of this holiday or just a fan of the stories, but we have more like this and we want to show you what Transylvania has to offer!

After World War Two, there have been calculated where is Romania’s theritorial middle point and it was considered to be in Sibiu County, near a small city named Agnita! Mentioned for the first time in a document from 1280, is a town with traditional crafts, famous for the old guilds of tanners, shoemakers, tailors, coopers and potters, with semi-rural economy. Here is one of the oldest peasant fortification in Transylvania. Initiated in the thirteenth century, it was amplified successively came to be in the seventeenth century, three fortified enclosure with towers.  When the Turkish invaders sieged the burgh of Agnita, a young girl named Ursula got disguised in a scary costume, went out of the burgh and made deafening noises with her whip, thus chasing the scared Turks. Legends say that this costume has its roots in the Middle Ages. In the 17th and 18th century the custom of the Lola was closely linked to the costume of handing over the guild box to the new town chief. The gathering was accompanied by the lole, i.e. funny characters whose role was to protect the boxes from the neighbourhoods.

This is a true story about how someone got scared, about a hero saving a community and since then Lola remained in every citizen of Agnita’s heart. Today plenty of weird characters wearing masks, fur, rugs, and other unusual garments use horsewhips to scare winter and the evil spirits out of Agnita. The masked performers are accompanied by a multitude of craftsmen including blacksmiths, tailors, fur trappers, shoemakers, and carpenters.

Now we present you The Lola, a Primitive Romanian Style story about chasing “the bad”, presenting an authentic costume from Agnita, right from the heart of Romania, in Sibiu County, wandering the forests in our vision to get you a new idea for your type of Halloween.


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